How Most Soccer Goals Scored

As a bettor, have you wondered how most soccer goals scored? Is it a regular shot on goal or a header? Maybe it is through a set piece or an open play. If you know the answer, it will make it easier to pick the winner.

One type of soccer wager is the First Goal Method. Some pay per head bookies accept these bet types. They usually have odds of 1.50 for a regular shot, 5.00 for a header, 12.00 for a free spot-kick, 17.00 for a free-kick, and 21.00 for an own goal.

Soccer betting analysts looked at how goals are scored in the Premier League. They found out that most teams scored most of their goals after an open play involving most players. Also, it is a good bet that it is the first goal of the match.

How Soccer Goals Scored

How Most Soccer Goals ScoredIt would be best if you looked at individual players to determine their aerial abilities. However, it is less probable that a header is the first goal in a game. Tall players have the advantage to score via a header, but scoring one is still rare.

For instance, Harry Kane scored only one header in the 2015-2016 season of the Premier League. Although he was not the top scorer of Tottenham during the season, it isn’t easy to imagine that the team’s first goal would come via a header.

Peter Crouch is an exceptional player, with half of his goals come via header. However, most experts attribute it to his height. As a result, there’s a high possibility that the first goal would come via a header. Thus, it is vital to read players’ stats.

As you can see, soccer betting can be enjoyable when you wager on First Goal Method and other wagering options. Follow our tips, and you’ll pick the winner for the match.

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