If you want to become a bookie, you must always stay on top of the latest in the sports that you will offer. Given that basketball is one of the most popular sports in the sports betting business, you should prioritize this sport. And when it comes to North American basketball, you have the NBA, and NCAA Basketball to keep an eye out on. So, in the latest in college basketball, we’ll take a look at the top teams of the previous season, and see if they will still be the favorites for this season. Gonzaga is a popular team that comes to mind.

College basketball was a little chaotic this year. The summer season’s schedule was busy due to the delayed withdrawal deadline for the NBA draft. There were also some re-classifications and prior commitments in back in August. This was followed by a slowly normalizing September with less roster changes. Given everything, can we safely say that this season will be very similar with last year in terms of the rankings? We’ll see.

Is Gonzaga Still the Favorite?

GonzagaIts still to early to be more definitive in terms of ranking the teams for the whole season. There are, however, a few notable ones, that are strong enough as early as now. The two biggest movements since the night of the national championship game in early April comes from Memphis and Texas. These two teams transformed their rosters via the transfer portal. They were also busy recruiting and have revamped their roster well. Given what they have now, they can definitely make it to the top teams for the preseason.

Naturally, some of the early rankings from experts remain the same. Gonzaga is still preseason No. 1. Even if other teams scramble their way to better rosters, Gonzaga will always be a strong team. As for the other possible awards that people can bet on in the NCAA, Drew Timme is still the Wooden Award favorite. Also, UCLA, Purdue, Kansas and Villanova should still all be Final Four contenders. This hardly ever changes.If you want to make money from college basketball betting, here are some sportsbook pay per head reviews to help you.


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