NFL Week 6

We at will be taking a look at some of the games scheduled for NFL Week 6. For those into sports betting, here are some games that are truly bound to be exciting. For instance, the Dolphins will be facing the Jaguars on the 17th. Urban Meyer’s running game is quite there since James Robinson heated up. He was averaging 165 yards on the ground in the past three weeks alone. But the Jacksonville defense needs a lot more work, and their offense is relying on Tavon Austin and Jamal Agnew too much at wideout, which can be a crux for the team.

Meanwhile, we know that the Chiefs are going to be working harder than ever now to make up for last Sunday night’s horrible game. Their series of turnovers on offense are quite random, and seem to be a fluke, given their history and past performance. Many experts believe that the team will be able to resolve this on their own in this season. Will it be enough to help the Chiefs beat Washington? Yes.

More NFL Week 6 To Look Forward To

NFL Week 6As for the Giants, they have so much potential, if only they could avid collecting so many injuries throughout their roster. Both Saquon Barkley and Kenny Golladay may need time off to recover. Darius Slayton and Sterling Shepard returning could offset this possible weakness, so at least the Giants have that solved. And assuming Daniel Jones returns from a concussion, we can see that the Giants will do well against the Rams. It will be an uphill battle though, if they want to win this game.

Now for the Texans and the Patriots. The Texans are better off with Davis Mills for another week after his stint against the Patriots. Mills would still have better odds for success if left tackle Laremy Tunsil is available, but he is out due to a finger surgery. The Colts’ defense was somewhat decent in Baltimore, and Carson Wentz seems to be improving as each week passes. These games are only three of many very exciting games throughout the week. If you want to learn how you can earn from NFL betting on these games, here are some football betting tutorials to get you started.