World Cup

Last updated on October 19th, 2021 at 07:39 pm

In the latest in sports betting news, UEFA continues to fight against having a World Cup every two years. ‘We will oppose it until common sense prevails’- This is quite a harsh statement, but one shared by many in the soccer world. For some reason, FIFA wants to hold the World Cup biennially. Meaning instead of the 4-year gap between tournaments, we will only have 2. The disagreement UEFA and FIFA continues, as the latter wants to organize the World Cup every two years, which is creating problems among the various soccer Federations.

World CupMany other federations are in agreement with UEFA’s stance on the FIFA proposal. Many believe that the prestige of the tournament will be diminished by doubling the frequency of the tournament. It will also shake a lot of tournaments in terms of scheduling. Qualifiers for the World Cup are carefully scheduled and timed. This schedule will be in disarray should the FIFA insist on holding the tournament every two years. Local tournaments will also suffer greatly, as their rosters will be changing as players travel around the world more frequently to attend qualifiers and, of course, the tournament itself. This will compromise any stability these clubs may have over their rosters.

World Cup Should Stay As It Is

Even more, players will suffer more fatigue from a more grueling timeline if this were to happen. This could increase the risk of injuries, as well as a slew of other complications. So far, UEFA and CONMEBOL have both said that they will block the FIFA plan for a biennial World Cup. This will push through even if other federations will agree with FIFA. Losing teams and players from both UEFA and CONMEBOL will be a very huge problem for FIFA, should these two federations boycott the tournament.

“The proposals would damage all forms of football and devalue the competition itself. This concept has all the characteristics of a decision that FIFA wants to take quickly and let the rest of the football world regret it bitterly…UEFA will continue to oppose until common sense prevails and the plans are abandoned.” says UEFA. And while all this is happening, soccer leagues are working on getting back to their normal schedules. Sportsbooks everywhere are earning well from soccer matches, especially with UEFA this season. And if you want to earn from soccer betting as well, you can learn how to be soccer bookie with the best bookie pay per head.


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