Stevenson Versus Herring

Last updated on October 25th, 2021 at 10:49 pm

Up and coming boxer Shakur Stevenson fought 43 rounds in his last 5 bouts. Out of those 43, he ended short in 2- in the first,  he knocks out Felix Carballo in the 6th round. The second was when he knocked Alberto Guevara in the 3rd. 41 rounds out of those 43 were scored, and he won 41 of those with all of the judges’ cards. His only loss was when Joet Gonzalez won one of the 12 rounds when he fought Stevenson. Everything else was a win for Stevenson. he seems to be on an amazing streak, and fans cannot wait to see what is next for the boxer. Many are wondering, will it be the same for his next fight, a match versus Herring?

Stevenson, the 2016 Olympic silver medalist from Brazil, is a -900 favorite in his upcoming match against Jamel Herring to earn Herring’s super featherweight belt. Herring, meanwhile, sits at +600 as the underdog. The lines may change a bit, so always check with your preferred sportsbooks for line movements especially before the fight.

Stevenson Versus Herring

Stevenson Versus HerringStevenson is 24 years old, and Herring is 35. He’s quick, and many in the boxing industry thing he could be a great fighter in the future. But when it comes to sports betting, the odds matter, too. And your bookie pay per head tools will automatically set the lines that you will adjust depending on the action that you will get. Because even through Stevenson could win this fight, the +600 line is very, very attractive for sports bettors.

Not just because an underdog win is always amazing. But the odds on Stevenson just seem to be too limiting. Imagine betting $900 to win $100?  Some may argue that going for Herring could be a good option, because despite Stevenson’s record, Herring is the most formidable boxer that Stevenson has ever faced. Herring is known to give his absolute best in every fight. He would not be the captain of the 2012 US Olympic Team if he were not. He is 23-2 with 11 KOs.

However, looking at the numbers, the match will most likely still go to Stevenson. Regardless of the probable win, the odds just seem to low. It may be a good idea to sit this one out and just watch the match, unless you will rooting for the underdog, or willing to make that $900 risk for $100.


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