Voters Rejected Richmond Casino Project

One Casino and Resort Chief Executive Officer, Alfred Liggins, was disappointed after voters rejected Richmond casino project. However, he said the company worked hard to construct a tent for their casino resort project.

Liggins claimed the casino project has many supporters. Despite the rejection, he is grateful for their support. Also, he believes that residents have missed an opportunity to have a tourist attraction. In addition, it would provide additional revenue to fund road and school improvement projects.

According to online casino software reports, Urban One has been part of the Richmond community in the last 21 years. Despite the mishap, they will continue to serve the community. The company is looking for a city near Richmond that is willing to host its casino.

Richmond Casino Project

Voters Rejected Richmond Casino ProjectFifty-one percent of Richmond voters rejected the casino. Although most voters near the location supported the plan, most voters in the northern part of the city didn’t. As a result, residents would be playing games on online casinos instead of a physical one in the city.

Richmond for All, a group that opposed the casino, called the vote a win for the city. According to gambling news reports, they proved that organized grassroots campaigns could defeat big corporations. Also, they went door-to-door and talked to residents to state their concerns.

Mayor Levar Stoney of Richmond said he respected the result of the vote. He is a supporter of the casino project. Also, he added that the city lost a $565 million opportunity to create new jobs and improve revenue.

Also, he said that he was transparent throughout the process. He listened to residents and put the issue to a vote. Finally, he pledged that his administration would not stop looking for other economic opportunities to benefit the city and the residents.