A Guide to Two-Ball Betting in Golf

Not every bettor knows how exciting it is to wager on golf. The action can last for as short as a couple of hours or as long as four days. Thus, there are many betting options. One of them is two-ball betting.

Although two-ball wagering in golf will not make you rich overnight, it can give you a constant return over time. According to golf and basketball betting experts, two-ball wagering is a head-to-head bet. So instead of choosing a single golfer to win the tournament, you can select a golfer with a better score than another one in 18 holes.

Often, golfers play in groups of two to three players. Online sports betting platforms offer odds on some of the groups. Also, other sportsbooks offer odds on ties between golfers. However, some sportsbooks will void the wager when players end up with the same score.

Two-Ball Betting in Golf

A Guide to Two-Ball Betting in GolfWe recommend two-ball wagering because it is easier to win the wager than to choose the outright winner. Most tournaments have around 120 to 156 golfers. Thus, selecting the winner from the field is difficult. It is easier to focus your research on smaller groups. That way, you have a better chance of picking a golfer with a significant advantage.

However, we recommend looking at the vig. Often, the vig is higher in two-ball wagering than in traditional matchup wagers. We recommend avoiding two-ball bets where one golfer is a substantial favorite over the other. Betting -150 or worse is not a sustainable strategy.

When choosing a golfer, look at their recent performances. It is a good indicator of how the golfer will play soon. Also, we recommend betting against golfers who lose strokes off the tee. When you see a golfer on his A-game against another who is missing his shots, right away.

That concludes another tutorial on how to bet on sports, golf in particular. Make sure you visit our sports wagering page to learn more ways to bet on golf.

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