What's the Difference Between Money and Bet Percentage?

Although the pay per head bookie service will generate betting lines for you, it is vital to understand how money and bet percentage affect line movement. Also, you can use them to find out why the line moved.

Some new bookies don’t know the reasons why lines move. So even if they use the best bookie software, they fail to recognize the side players are favoring. Our guide applies to all sports, from football to baseball to basketball betting.

Difference Between Money and Bet Percentage

What's the Difference Between Money and Bet Percentage?The percentage of money wagered on a particular side of a wager is known as the money percentage. Sure, 70 percent of the public may bet on the Golden State Warriors. However, the line may change if more money is being wagered on the 30 percent of wagers on the Sacramento Kings.

The number of bets placed on a specific side by the general public is known as the bet percentage. For example, the Warriors and Kings were playing. 70% of the public bet on the Warriors, while the rest bet on the Kings. Even though this is essential information, it might be crucial when analyzing lines. It varies from money percentage in that regard.

Let’s analyze the 70 to 30 percent betting example. If 70 percent of the public is wagering on Golden State, the line is Warriors -7.5. However, the sportsbook software could move the line to -7 even if players are betting on Golden State.

That’s where money percentage comes into play. It could be because sharps are betting on the Kings. As a result, the line moved. Bookie pay per head services adjust the lines based on the money amount, not the percentage amount.

For example, there were a hundred wagers, and 70 went to Golden State for $5,000. However, the 30 wagers on the Kings had a total of $10,000. Thus, the line would move towards the side with more money. Handicappers call it the reverse line movement. That’s one thing bookies should look out for when running a sportsbook.

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