Sportsbooks Are Looking at iGaming to Boost Revenue

When you start using a pay per head sportsbook software, you will likely see that aside from sports betting, you can also offer casino and horse racing. By offering more gaming products, you are increasing potential revenue for your sportsbook. And this strategy proves to be effective, based on the numbers from sports betting markets across the country. This means that sportsbooks can use iGaming to boost revenue.

In most bookie software, you will be able to offer sports betting, as well as casino games, from slots to card games. There are your typical casino games, live casino, as well as live dealer games. All of these games are very popular for both retail and online betting. And a lot of sportsbooks are pivoting to target sportsbook players to spend on iGaming.


Using iGaming to Boost Revenue

Sportsbooks Are Looking at iGaming to Boost RevenueA perfect example for this is New Jersey and the numbers for online gambling. For March, the total sports betting revenue is $93 million. But the revenue for iGaming is $165.7 million. So when looking at long term strategies in the online gambling business like that of your bookie pay per head operation, this is a sustainable one.

This is completely feasible, even for those who are running a small scale online sportsbook. If you are using a bookie pay per head software, you can easily add casino gaming in a simple click. You can also easily adjust the limits for your players, and adjust permissions for players, either in bulk or individually. And with some providers, adding this service is free.

Of course, sports betting still takes up a larger part of the market, especially with the large reach and popularity in the country. Also, there are more states that offer sports betting than iGaming. Retail casino gaming existed far before sports betting, but online casino gaming will still take up a large share or the market. Experts see that in the future, we may see more states consider legalizing iGaming.


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