Canucks vs Oilers Betting Picks – NHL Predictions

The Canucks vs Oilers game will take place on October 13, 2021, at Rogers Place. It is the first game of the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers in the NHL season.

Vancouver was at the wrong end of the scoresheet during their last game with a 6-2 loss against Calgary Flames. Their starts in the offensive zone were at 43.9 percent. Also, they had a PDO of 81 in the game.

Canucks vs Oilers Betting Picks

Canucks vs Oilers Betting Picks – NHL PredictionsAccording to Bwager sources, the Canucks amassed 25 head-to-head wins at even strength and lost on 25 endeavors to acquire puck control. Their Fenwick was 32, and the Fenwick Against sat at 38, which means they had a Fenwick level of 45.7 percent. The Corsi for the Canucks was sitting at 39, and the Corsi against was at 45. It indicated that they had a Corsi level of 46.4 percent.

On the other hand, Vancouver collected 14 punishment mins in this challenge. Moreover, they had five opportunities with more players on the ice and got one goal. The Canucks had an unpleasant night in all-out attack mode side of the ice in the misfortune. They could score a goal for every 2 out of 21 shots they put on the net in the game.

According to sports betting software reports, the Canucks had 1,870 shots attempted against them and were the proprietors of a save level of .900. When at even strength, the Canucks surrendered 150 objectives while scoring 121. Vancouver Canucks adversaries had 183 strategic maneuver openings, which was third in the NHL.

Also, the Canucks got 37 goals in those possibilities. For the past season, they recorded 50 points, and their points score rate was .446. Vancouver made 1,629 efforts and was the proprietor of a shooting level of 9.1 percent. Regarding their scoring abilities, the Vancouver Canucks indented 148 objectives (24th in the association) last year and gave up 187. Vancouver counted 155 strategic maneuver openings and scored 27 goals during those benefits, acquiring them a level of 17.42 percent.

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Gametime: 10/13/2021 at 10:00 PM

Bet on Edmonton at -175

Edmonton shot 1,674 times during last season with a shooting percentage of 11 percent. Also, they allowed their opponents to shoot 1,717 times.

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