LOVB: The Newest Pro Volleyball League in the Block

LOVB is the latest and newest professional volleyball league in the US. The League One Volleyball, or LOVB for short, aims to nurture players and their volleyball skills from youth to club levels. Here, coaches and elite players will be involved in training as well. For those looking for online sports news, you will be seeing a lot more of this pro league as they launch and go on full swing.

The US has a formidable national volleyball program, with the US National Women’s volleyball team at the top of world rankings. But then it comes to pro volleyball, a lot of US female players tend to sign up with international leagues after college. It is pretty simple really: the US has a fewer pro leagues than these other countries.

LOVB is Here to Change Things

LOVB: The Newest Pro Volleyball League in the BlockIf you are into volleyball betting but you are unsure of your wagers, you can always check out some free sports betting picks to help guide you. League One Volleyball will eventually be a regular fixture in sportsbooks. This is because LOVB aims to organize a thriving community within professional volleyball teams.

For now though, they will be starting small. They have 11 youth clubs in 11 cities. Their goal is to guide 9,000 or more players and gain support that will eventually help LOVB evolve to a bigger pro league. Otherwise, top US volleyball stars will just keep moving to countries like Turkey and Japan and Italy. In those countries, volleyball is popular, and their leagues draw in fans as much as any popular sports league there.