Bookie Pay Per Head Review

DollarPerHead caters to both small and large sportsbook operators. They customize their bookie PPH solutions to the needs of their clients. Thus, our bookie pay per head review will check if its services are worth your money.

They used to have the cheapest PPH services on the market at $1 per head. Also, they don’t have a minimum player requirement to use their online bookie software. However, we learned that they have already increased their PPH solutions to $5 per player. Bookie Pay Per Head Review

About Bookie Pay Per Head

According to sportsbook pay per head reviews, is based in Costa Rica. They claim to be the only PPH provider that supports multiple languages. That might be true when they first offered their services in 2007. However, many PPH solutions already support several languages.

They offer several turn-key solutions to cater to sportsbooks of all types and sizes. If they want to attract more clients, they should update their website’s information. Although their welcome banner states their services are at $5 per player, their FAQ still claims they charge $1 per player.


As a result, potential clients are confused about the rates. Also, the lack of transparency and misleading information are red flags that can turn bookies away from their services. Despite that, we signed up with DPH and tried out their services for two weeks.

  • Inception: 2016
  • Price: $5
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Gambling Platform: DGS
  • Telephone:1-888-777-5613
  • Live Chat: yes
  • email:
  • Website:
  • Promotion: 2 Week Free Trial
  • Telephone Wagering: yes
  • Extras: None
  • Sports Betting: Yes
  • Casino: Yes
  • Live Dealer: Yes
  • Live Betting: Yes
  • Private Website: Yes Bookie Pay Per Head Review

​DPH offers two weeks free trial. As a result, we can try out their PPH services without making a deposit. Also, you need to request via live chat or email for access to the test account. The first time we message them, we don’t get any response. After a day, we tried again and got a reply from their team after almost 24 hours. It was a red flag for us.

For the sake of the review, we used the test account to try out their services. The agent platform is generic. Also, it is the same in the front end of the platform. Another thing we didn’t like about is the slow loading time. Players might not want to wait for a page to load when they wish to wager on sports.

Our Final Thoughts offers a decent sportsbook PPH solution. However, there are better providers out there. For instance, you can check out They have high-quality services for $5 per head or less. Also, they are transparent with their fees. They also improve their software year after year.

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