Dolphins vs Ravens Recap – Tagovailoa Returns to Lineup

After upsetting Baltimore Ravens at home, the Miami Dolphins won two straight games to improve to 3-7. Here’s a recap of the Dolphins vs Ravens game that ended at 22-10 in favor of the visitors.

The Thursday Night Football game opened NFL Week 10 action. Both teams failed to earn a touchdown at halftime. However, the Dolphins got the lead from a field goal. According to football news reports, Miami’s defense continued to suffocate Baltimore’s offense in the second half.

The Ravens failed to score in the third quarter. Also, they punted all their possessions as Miami held on its lead. In the fourth quarter, Miami added to its lead via a field goal to start the quarter. However, receiver Sammy Watkins fumbled the football in the next possession. Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard recovered the ball for a 49-yard TD.

Dolphins vs Ravens

Dolphins vs Ravens Recap – Tagovailoa Returns to LineupThe Ravens finally scored a touchdown after Jackson threw the ball to Mark Andrews. However, it was already too late for a comeback. In the next possession, Miami scored a touchdown to get a 22-10 lead.

Jackson got 238 passing yards, an interception, and one touchdown. Also, he completed 26 out of 43 passes. In addition, the Dolphins sacked him four times. Miami had to replace their quarterback after Jacoby Brissett injured his knee in the first drive of the second half. As a result, Tua Tagovailoa played with an injured finger. He completed 8 out of 13 passes for a total of 158 yards.

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